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Wild West Series Prepack

Included with purchase of Prepack:
Qty: 12 - MMS187 Revolver
Qty: 12 - MMS188 Gatling Gun
Qty: 12 - MMS189 Stagecoach
Qty: 12 - MMS190 2-6-0 Locomotive
Qty: 1 - MSD0302 POP Display
Qty: 1 - Assembled Model

Construction Prepack

Included with purchase of Prepack:
Qty: 12 - MMS182 Mining Truck
Qty: 12 - MMS183 Wheel Loader
Qty: 12 - MMS184 Motor Grader
Qty: 12 - MMS185 Excavator
Qty: 1 - MSD0301 Display
Qty: 1 - Assembled Model

Apollo 11 Prepack

Included with purchase of prepack
48pc Flat Sheet Models

Qty: 12 - MMS078 - Apollo Lunar Module
Qty: 12 - MMS094 - Apollo Lunar Rover
Qty: 12 - MMS167 - Apollo Saturn V w/ Gantry
Qty: 12 - MMS168 - Apollo CSM w/ LM
1 POP Display #MSD0303
1 Assembled Demo Model
(Demo model depends upon availability)

Wild West Stagecoach

3 Sheets

Wild West Gatling Gun

2.5 Sheets

Wild West Revolver

2 Sheets

2-Tier ICONX Wire Rack

Shelf for assembled Demo Kit. 
12 total pegs: each can hold 8 ICONX Envelopes or 2 ICONX Boxes. 
Also fits Tool Kits.

Targaryen Sigil

2 Sheets

Speeder Bike

2 Sheets

B-24 Liberator

3 Sheets

InSight Mars Lander

2 Sheets

ICONX Hogwarts Express

3 Sheets
Harry Potter Licensed model

The Hogwarts Express runs between London, Kings Cross Station Platform 9 34 and Hogsmeade Station in the Harry Potter movie franchise. The Express dutifully carries students to and from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at the start and end of every term. Originally steam fitted by the Muggles (non-magic people) who built it, the Hogwarts Express now runs exclusively on magic.