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Harry Potter Prepack

Prepack includes:
Qty: 12 - MMS440 - Hogwarts Express Train
Qty: 12 - MMS441 - Rubeus Hagrid Hut
Qty: 12 - MMS442 - Golden Snitch
Qty: 12 - MMS443 - Gringotts Dragon
1 Harry Potter POP Display (POP Dimension 15’’H x 10.5”W x 8’’D)
1 Assembled Harry Potter Demo Model (Demo model depends upon availability)

Harry Potter Display


ICONX Silver Dragon

3 Sheets
Dragons are magical creatures from myth and legend. European Dragons are featured as having large, reptilian bodies with bat-like wings. Silver Dragons are said to embody the noble and good traits of dragonkind

Freight Train Set

5 Sheets
This 5 piece model train consists of five 4" x 4" steel sheets from which individual parts can be removed to assemble a museum quality model using tabs and holes.
This Freight Train set includes 5 train cars including the Diesel Locomotive, Gondola Car, Box Car, Hopper Car and Off Center Caboose. The connected model length is 17 inches.